Purpose:  The Bellwood Public Library makes hotspots available to Bellwood Library Card Holders to assist in research, networking, recreation, and document or presentation production needs. Hotspots are provided according to availability.

Use:  The following rules and regulations apply:

  1. Hotspots may be borrowed by resident Library card holders ages 18 and older in good standing. Each time borrowers must show a photo ID (driver’s license or state ID.)
  2. The loan period is seven days (7) No renewals.
  3. Only one (1) hotspot can be checked out per household.
  4. Hotspots cannot have holds placed on them.
  5. Hotspots are not renewable.
  6. When the hotspot is returned, there is a 24 hour waiting period to check out another hotspot by that household.
  7. Hotspots must be returned in person with all parts including case and lid. Returning hotspots in any of the book drops, either outdoor or indoor, is NOT acceptable.
  8. Fines for unreturned hotspots are $2.00 per day, not counting days the Library is closed. An “on time” return is defined as a hotspot that is returned prior to closing on the seventh (7th) day of checkout.  The borrower’s account must be at a $0 amount before checking out another Hotspot.
  9. The borrower assumes full responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement in the event that the hotspot is lost, stolen or damaged. The Library’s IT Department will assess technological issues and charge the borrower accordingly. Missing parts will result in the following deduction from the deposit:
    • Missing hotspot                                        $144.00
    • Missing USB cable                                   $  10.00
    • Missing adapter                                        $  10.00
    • Missing Container or box                          $    5.00
    • Processing Fee                                         $    5.00
  10. If the hotspot is not returned, its wireless service will be discontinued. The hotspot will be unusable, and borrower will be charged for the cost of replacement.