Jacqueline Spratt, Library Director
Thursday, March 01, 2018 Jacqueline Spratt

In today’s society, many wonder if libraries are relevant since much of what we have to offer can be found on the Internet. Depending on who you ask you will most certainly receive a different response.

Those who are unemployed, retired, or searching for a job and unable to afford internet service at home find the library of value. Some library users appreciate other library services and programs that for the most part are free to the public. These services include books, media, having a safe place to spend time, read, or study. In addition, there are friendly library staff that are trained to assist you in finding the information you need in applying for jobs, government programs or local services.

Here are some of the things you may not know about your library!

  • You can check out Rokus, digital cameras or Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Check out and download free ebooks, audiobooks, music and free streaming movies to your device
  • Use our equipment in-library to transfer VHS tapes to DVD, or vinyl albums to CD.
  • Try out our 3D printer.
  • Use our scanner to save photos and documents to USB or email for free. 

If you have not taken the opportunity to visit Bellwood Library recently, I encourage you to take advantage of all the programs and services we have to offer!