Computers for Adults                                        

The Bellwood Public Library Adult Services Department provides 10 Computers for patrons who possess a valid Bellwood Public Library Card or a card from one of our partner (SWAN) libraries.  Adult computers require a Library card number with Pin number to use or reserve. Patrons are allowed to use a computer for up to one hour a session, with a daily maximum time of two hours. 

Patrons who do not reside in Bellwood or have a valid partner library card may be issued a 15 minute Visitor pass to use a computer if they present valid ID.

Adult Computers provide patrons with use of the internet, Microsoft Office and USB connections.                           

Word Processing

The Adult Services Department also provides one workstation for Microsoft Word. This Computer is not connected to the Internet or a printer and is only used for Word Processing. A Library card is not required to use this workstation. 

Internet Express Computer

Patrons who only need to access the Internet may also use our Internet Express Computer. A library card w/pin or Visitors Card is required. This Computer is available for 15 minute sessions only. Printing is available at 10 cents per page.  A connection for a USB device to save to is provided. 


Patrons may print from all 8 Adult Computers, as well as the Express Workstation, for a cost of 10 cents per page.  Patrons may add funds to their Library card or Visitor pass, to pay for printing.


Wireless Internet is available for patrons with laptops and other portable devices.  The wi-fi signal name is Bellwood Public. Patrons should have their wireless devices already installed, configured and ready to connect to the Bellwood Library Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi printing is not provided at this time.