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How old must I be to apply for my own library card?
You must be 18 years or older in order to apply for your own library card.


  What do I need in order to get a library card? 
 A valid picture ID and two proofs of identification that shows your current address.


How much does it cost?
Library cards are free, unless you've had one before. If the card is lost and needs to be replaced, there will be a $3.00 charge in order to get a new one.

What happens if I return my library items late?
If Library items are returned late, there is a fine of 10 cents per day that must be paid in order to borrow future items or use the library computers


What do I need in order to use the Teen computers?
You must have a library card and free of library fines.


How old do I have to be to participate in Teen Programs?
All teen programs are open to teens ages 13 to 18.


Does the program cost?
All programs are free, unless noted.


Do I have to be a Bellwood resident to participate in the Teen programs?
No, you can participate in Bellwood Libray programs even if you are not a resident of Bellwood.


Can I use my cell phone in the library?
Cell phone usage is not allowed in the library 

Can I listen to my IPOD?
Yes, IPODs can be used as long as you are wearing headphones and not disturbing other library users.


What happens if my personal belongings are stolen?
If you believe that someone has taken your personal items, notify the librarian and we would notify the Police. Please be aware that the library is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We encourage all student to keep their personal items with them at all times.

  Who can help me find what I am looking for?
We are always ready to serve you. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance when you need it. Ask a Librarian or Assistant whenever you need help.

 Can I bring my younger siblings to the library?
Although the library welcomes everyone, children under 8 years old are not allowed in the library alone or with a sibling under 18 years of age.

 What if Bellwood library doesn’t have what I am looking for?
If you are a resident of Bellwood and we do not have the items that you are looking for, feel free to ask the librarian about borrowing materials from other libraries.

Any Questions and concerns that have not been adressed on this site, can be answered by calling Bellwood Library at (708)547-7393 ext.16 or stop by for a visit, we'll be happy to assist you!