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Dispose of your old and broken electronics LEGALLY at the Library!

Saturday, April 13

9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

It's against the law to put electronics in the regular trash, so take advantage of this free event! All your old computer junk, that broken CD player, the phone you've replaced—bring it to the Library on April 13!  Unitec Recycling Corp will have a truck in our parking lot from 9:30 to 1:00 to collect it.


Computer Equipment like ...

Desktop and laptop computers

CRT or LCD monitors

Keyboards, mice, computer cords

Printers, ink cartridges, or toner cartridges


Fax Marchines


Modems, Zip Drives, Adapters, Cords, Switches, & misc. computer peripherals

Mainframes, terminals, CPUs


Consumer electronics like...

LCD or Plasma TV sets

DVD players

VHS players

Game consoles

CD players, Radios and Stereo systems

Home or business telephones

Cell phones


PDAs,  GPS systems



VHS Tapes, CD-Rom software

Small appliances

Misc. electronic equipment

Cash registers

Library Events

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Thu Mar 26 @ 6:00PM
- 07:00PM

Zumba Excercise Class
Sat Mar 28 @10:00AM
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Sat Mar 28 @10:30AM
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Chess Club for Kids
Thu Apr 02 @ 6:00PM
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Zumba Excercise Class
Sat Apr 04 @10:00AM
- 11:00AM

Stitches Crochet Club
Tue Apr 07 @ 6:30PM
- 08:00PM